Baseball Hitting Drills for a Batting Tee

Major League baseball player shares baseball hitting drills for a batting tee

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  • 20 Hitting drills for a batting tee
  • Video for each drill
  • Written by professional baseball player
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  • The PERSONAL DRILL HELPER to help you diagnose & fix swing problems
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About the Author

Doug Bernier debuted in the Major Leagues in 2008 with the Colorado Rockies. He has played professional baseball for 16 years, including time with the CO Rockies, MN Twins, NY Yankees, Pirates, and TX Rangers. 

After 16 seasons of pro ball, Doug retired from playing and is currently working as a pro scout for the Colorado Rockies. 

Bernier is also the founder of Pro Baseball Insider (PBI), which has 100’s of pages of free baseball tips & instruction – exclusively from professional baseball players, coaches, trainers, and scouts. 


Minnesota Twin Doug Bernier’s purpose-based approach to batting drills makes this book a must-have resource for players at any level. Learn the WHY and HOW of tee drills you”ll be using for the rest of your baseball career – from the youth leagues to the big leagues.


Each drill is accompanied by a streaming HD video in which Doug demonstrates proper form for the drill and provides other helpful tips.


From youth leagues to big leagues, this book helps you get the most out of drills you'll be using for the rest of your baseball career.

Pen and paper


No partner needed; Perfect for one-on-one coaching or solo practice time.


The "Personal Drill Helper" is helps diagnose & fix swing problems by identifying which drills specifically address those flaws.


Full color illustrations comparing proper form against common mistakes to avoid


Bonus pro tips for hitting and to help you get the most out of your hitting drill practice time

“WOW, Thank you for the great book and it’s info. The explanation with each drill is easy to follow (So students can follow it 1, 2, 3 and as an instructor / coach the book NEVER talks down to you, and has a GREAT reference page for the really quick “How to fix this in your swing” go to page ***Great book and is a KEEPER FOR SURE!””

Tom Schwindy - Coach 18U

From youth leagues to big leagues

Every drill in this book is used by Major League players around the country... 

...and is ALSO getting 5 star reviews from Youth League coaches. 

Recommended age for this book is 12 years and up. 

***For questions about skill level, check the easy reference chart in the book.***

20 Free Videos

A streaming HD video for each drill in the book

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Sometimes words alone aren't enough to teach a physical action. 

That's why we made these videos, to ensure proper understanding and mechanics.

Streaming video means it's easy to watch at the ball park or batting cage on your smart phone or tablet. 

In the middle of a batting cage session? No prob. Just whip out your phone and rewatch the video, or show your student the video to demonstrate proper execution. No television or DVD player required!

Simply use the code in your book to unlock the free videos.

Enjoy this free sample video on us!

What people are saying about the book

What people are saying about baseball hitting drills for a batting tee

“This book contains great drills that will help you develop your swing into a tool that can take you to the next level in baseball. 

Doug has been privileged to play professional baseball with and learn from some of the best hitters in the Major Leagues. 

He is also a smart player who understands the game of baseball and can break it down in ways that are easy to understand and duplicate. 

I highly recommend this book of drills as a tool to help yourself, your team, or your child develop into a highly effective hitter.” 

- Former MLB All-Star and Rookie-of-the-Year Albie Pearson

“This is a great well written and easy to follow book. My 12 year old is in his last year of little league and I am a firm believer in tee work. I played baseball in College and wish I would have had this book and tee drills. 

- Parent of 12 year old

Batting tee drills for baseball
Baseball Hitting Drills for a Batting Tee, book with videos

 “ This was an outstanding book of instruction. In addition, it is a great value, because you get the information clearly explained and terrific illustration in the book – plus you get links to the instructional videos. 

I don’t find any other resource like this! 

Furthermore, Doug Bernier is an outstanding student of the game – playing professional baseball for over 11 years; but more so he is able to clearly and succinctly explain the purpose of each drill and what to check for to ensure you get the most from the exercises. 

A great resource book for any age or playing level (little league through pro ball). A must read and resource for a serious baseball player.” 

- Coach D. Allison

“I am the manager of a 7U baseball team located in Kansas City, Mo. 

I have read a lot of books on development of hitting swings over the past several years. What most of those books lack is proper photographs and companion videos. 

This book solves all these problems. It allows me to read the book with my son and then watch the companion video right afterwards. We then went into the garage and worked on each drill individually. 

After one hitting session, I already saw improvements in his hitting motion. I bought enough books to give each kid on the team. 

Doug makes the material very easy to read and interpret.I was a college baseball player and I still learned several new techniques from this book. 

As every knows “practice makes perfect”. You can work on 1 drill at a time to allow the mechanics to set in, before moving to the next drill.

Thanks Doug, great job and keep the knowledge flowing. I can’t wait for your next installment. Buy this book!!!!!!” 

- Coach Stacy

And many, many more great reviews...

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Major League baseball player shares baseball hitting drills for a batting tee


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What these drills can do for you

No thinking in the box! Trust me when I say a game situation is NOT the time to try to get your body to do something different than what it’s been trained to do. 

It simply won’t work, especially when a pitch comes at 95 mph – reflexes WILL take over. Since what happens at the plate is 99% physical reaction, baseball players use quality repetition to train the body so that the natural reaction is the correct one. 

It is one of the few ways – maybe even the only way – to deliberately change a baseball swing.

The best hitters repeat a good baseball swing thousands of times until the correct fundamentals happen without thinking about them. 

Using a batting tee is one of the best ways to achieve this career-long process. This is why so many Major League baseball players still use the batting tee before games and during off-season – it’s not just for young players. The batting tee is a tool players should use from the youth leagues to the Major Leagues. 

No excuses! Practice on your own time, without a partner or coach

Being a team game, baseball can be difficult to practice without other people around. 

Of course, it’s great for a coach to watch and critique as you hit off the tee, or to have someone reload the tee for you as you swing, but then you can also go to a cage and practice on your own. (It also enables you to groove your swing without needing someone’s arm to fall off while throwing you batting practice.) Because, in the end, it's our own responsibility to perfect our swing through hard work and quality repetition. 

IFF = Real progress!

Isolate + Feel + Feedback

Isolate the problem. Drills using a batting tee cut down on obstacles and distractions. 

This is the most important reason to use a tee. Using a batting tee allows you to isolate the aspect of your swing that you want to work on. 

In games, BP and even flip drills, the location and speed of the pitch are calling the shots and dictating your swing. 

A batting tee allows YOU to be in control - not the pitch location and speed. Then you can swing at 20% or 100% effort level, work on different pitch locations, or isolate the part of your body mechanics that needs work.

Becoming a natural. Developing a FEEL. 

Have you ever had your head filled with so many mechanical thoughts that you begin to approach each plate appearance mechanically locked up. Or you you have head knowledge of what you should be doing, but have a tough time executing in reality?

Sometimes the only way to learn what proper mechanics feels like is to see the results and then you’ll know you are doing it the right way. 

When I was young I taped a square on the garage door of my house and I threw baseballs and tennis balls into that square. I learned to throw accurately by having a feel of what it felt like to throw the ball in that square. 

I was never taught anything other than basic mechanics for throwing, but because I could throw the ball accurately the mechanics took care of themselves. 

I try to apply this same idea to hitting. Hitting can get over analyzed and too mechanical. Many hitters, including myself, have fallen into the trap of “paralysis by analysis.” A solid understanding of which drills can help your swing will make you a better hitter while skipping the paralysis. 

Isolate + feel + FEEDBACK = real progress 

You get immediate feedback when doing a batting tee drill in a batting cage, which lets you know if you're doing it right or wrong.

When you hit that line drive to the back of the cage, you know you accomplished what you were trying to do...

....and you know what it FEELS like to do it the RIGHT way!!!

Then you do it over and over until your body does it naturally. 

That is the unique thing about batting tee drills… you can the game down, removing all the extraneous factors and isolating exactly what you need to work on. When you can feel what you need to do, and see instant feedback from your results (Did you successfully hit a line drive to the back of the cage?), it translates into solid mechanics that will show up at each plate appearance.

Paperback | eBook | Wholesale

Available in 3 formats. All 3 will include access to the streaming videos

Major League baseball player shares baseball hitting drills for a batting tee

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